Auditor general criticises roll out of clinical health computer test for autism and other diseases

Auditor general cjarvees.comriticises roll out of clinical health computer test for autism and other diseases.

She writes:

The Australian government has decided to launch the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) to catch potential autism cases before they hit the community. It is the first time this will be done in Australia.

‘The ADOS is only able to identify people who are not symptomatic and will not detect many children. The ADOS is also only available in primary care, and only through a community based system that is expensive.’

A federal auditor-general report says ‘the development of ADOS is likely to put a strain on the health system’ and will cost $2.2 million a year.

It also says people ‘cannot rely on ADOS or other measures to screen people for the potential risk of autism’.

The AGO has criticised the development because the ADOS is not an objective test that can be rolled out in Australia quickly and easily.

But it says the computer-based ‘comprehensive’ test has a ‘high sensitivity and specificity’ and is ‘not likely to have any significant impact on the quality of health services for people who are at risk’.

The AGO says that ‘if we had to rely on an alternative test [such as the IQ tests or other forms of diagnostic testing], we’d have to increase our staffing levels’, adding that the quality of our health services could be adversely affected.

The report says many people have told it about concerns over the health risks of being tested.

‘There’s a huge reluctance to let them know, if they have a problem with this test they’ve got to take their symptoms to our doctor,’ says Dr David Roberts. ‘I’d much rather hear from people on who it’s helping, and who it’s not helping me.’

He also opposes giving people the option of self-testing. ‘It’s one thing to f바카라ind out people in our population have problems, but it is quite another to be able to just test them. How do you get around that? It is a complex area of research.’

It adds that the ADOS cannot tell people how to improve their condition but it does suggest that they should be able to identify some of the symptoms they need help with.

Health Minister Nicola Roxon yesterday condemned the AGO report.

‘I am extremely disappointed that the audit of the health system is being made public without the people affected 우리카지노getting their say in the process, and I urge our healt