Chavez making venezuela a haven for drug smuggling

Chavez making venezuela a haven for drug smuggling

Pena Nieto’s administration also is expected to give new impetus to the Venez해외 카지노 사이트uelan police force.

“All the activities related to drug trafficking were curbed by Chavez during his presidency, but there is no doubt we’ll continue to strengthen the protection of our border and border protection,” said an intelligence official.

The official called the drug war the biggest threat facing Venezuela today.

“What we saw during Chavez’s five years of socialist rule is the transformation of the economy and social structure,” the source said.

“Chavez and his right-wing allies brought drugs, armed robberies and violent crimes from all over the원주출장만남 country and created a situation with no checks and balances.”

One of the more popular drug policies under Chavez is cal황금 의 제국 카지노led the “war on drugs”.