Platini voted in as uefa president but he didn’t take his place

Platini voted in as uefa president but he didn’t take his place. But it was enough to convince him that in this process it’s not only necessary to be honest, but also honest with the players. There are also a few positive things.

“It gives me more hope to be honest with this club, that I am in fact not going there to be some sort of an insider. This is a serious business,” he told reporters.

“There are a lot of people, including people in my own team, who are disappointed with this and I know this is not just happening within this country. But again I try to focus on the positives and the positives are I am a positive presence in this si우리카지노tuation because I can be honest, I can be honest with what is happening and this is what is important to me.”

Fifa has a strict code of ethics which dictates how it conducts business, but the current crisis comes with a different standard. There are a number of players who are questioning it on the grounds of the corruption that surrounds the organisation.

Asked whether this means he will take the job, Platini laughed and replied: “Who knows? Who knows?”

And he made it clear that as soon as he is gone he wants to be part of football as it has always been.

Media playback is not supported on this device Platini wants job in football but ‘in the coming weeks’

“Everything I want to do will be done in football,” he explained.

“That’s where football has always taken me, football has alw카지노 사이트ays been the place I’ve wanted to be in life. It’s now time for me to leave, it’s now time for me to step away and that’s exactly where I want to be. It’s not a question of my age.”

While most agree that Platini 우리카지노was right to quit, it may be worth pointing out that as an executive he is the one who is likely to decide when and how many players can be put on to loan elsewhere.

He is also currently under heavy pressure.